If you still care, don't ever let me know.

Lyrics Slipknot - Snuff;

I still press your letters to my lips
and cherise them in parts of me that savor every kiss
I couldn't face a life without your lights
But all of that was ripped apart when you refused to fight

So save your breath I will not care
I think I made it very clear
You couldn't hate enough to love
Is that supposed to be enough?

I only wish you weren't my friend
then I coult hurt you in the end
I never claimed to be a saint
Ooh, my own was banished long ago
It took the death of hope to let you go

so break yourself against my stones,
and spit your pity in my soul
you never needed any help
you sold me out to save yourself

And I won't listen to your shame
you ran away, you're all the same
angels lie to keep control
Ooh, my love was punished long ago
If you still care, don't ever let me know.


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